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Who's who

The senioritas behind Hola Amigos

My name is Sophie and I am a mum of one who grew up in Alsace in France, close to the border with Germany & Switzerland. Ex corporate sales manager, with a passion for languages, turned French tutor after my son was born. 

As a child, I had many German relatives who didn’t speak French. In order to communicate with them, I learnt to speak Alsatian, our local dialect, at the age of just 3.
I quickly learnt this dialect through conversation and games with my family, rather than via textbooks and traditional teaching methods.


I would like to offer the children attending your school / nursery the chance to learn a new language, in much the same way I learnt to speak Alsatian as a youngster.

Being so close to Spain, I am sure that many local children will visit the country at some point and be able to put their language skills into practice.

Please get in touch on sophie@hola-amigos.co.uk or

call 077 249 364 21.  Muchas gracias.









I am a native speaker from Madrid where I read a Masters Degree in Fine Art and worked as an expressive art teacher for adults. Now I am working with a Mosaics artist who's involved with Arts  Projects in Schools, working with children from reception to secondary schools.
 Having lived in several other countries, I settled in the UK three years ago. I believe that living and travelling abroad taught me about new cultures, gave me more experiences and imparted knowledge that has made me a better person as well as a little bit wiser.
Speaking other languages gives those who are able to a competitive edge. I look forward to helping the next generation have that advantage.
I enjoy working with children and have previously been a private Spanish language tutor.
I look forward to sharing my love for all Spanish things with the pupils! 
Hasta luego!